Sunday, May 17, 2009

Back again

Beginning of May my body decided that he needs a rest and delivered a sudden hearing loss. Now I have passed one week of medical treatment at home which didn't bring any improvement and several days at the hospital. Now I'm back home for another two weeks of medical treatment. I have to take pills and slow down. There is no 100% explanation for what exactly happened. I talked to five different doctors and got five different attempts of explanation.

In April I finished
  • the round robin and we already traded boxes for the next round
  • March and April block of Bea's BOM Once upon a time ...
  • I also finished the Amy Butler tunic (or what remained of Amy's design) but the pics are still on the camera
  • I made changes on another long-time sewing object - pics are on the same camera
  • and I knitted a lot of my Honeycomb vest.
I will slow down the pace and see how I come along with it. I would like to finish Honeycomb vest this month and I would like to stitch the May block of Bea's bom.
I will see what I will do next like sockyarn stashbusting with Angelika , maybe attend my dressmaking class and have a good spring time with my family.

1 comment:

gwen said...

Liebe Katja, ich wünsche eine schnelle Genesung. Hörsturz ist wirklich unangenehm. Ich hoffe, dass deine Familie dich unterstützen kann.
Take care.