Friday, May 22, 2009

Sock yarn stash

(1500 g out of 2100 g of my stashed sock yarn)

Last week Onlyangelika wrote me that there are some danish bloggers reducing their sock yarn stash and that she will count her skeins. The first figure she told me was 2150 g. Meanwhile she realized that she has a lot more but she doesn't mention how many.

On Tuesday the newspaper wrote that the teachers at the nursery are on strike. So I let my daughter sleep and searched my yarn boxes and I was quite sure that I never have so much yarn. When I made a list and counted the skeins the result was 2100 g. I have no sock yarn leftovers because I always knit preemie sets of ot and I donate the remaining yarn to the nursery school.

Around 10 o'clock I got a call that the story in the papers was a week early. My daughter decided to go to the nursery and I started stash reduction immediatly by casting on a pair of socks for my aunt.

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Angelika said...

Na dann mal frisch ans Werk :-)